Epic First Run program offers %100 revenue to third-party developers

Epic Games’ Epic First Run program offers third-party and indie developers the chance to take advantage of the massive audience of Epic Games and enjoy 100% of the sales revenues for a limited time in exchange for the game’s exclusivity to the Epic Games Store.
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Epic Games has been providing a platform for third-party and indie developers with its Epic Games developer program. The deal meant that third-party and independent developers could publish their games in the Epic Games store for a cut of the revenues. Epic Games launched another program that gives the whole revenue to the developers for a limited time in exchange for the game being exclusive to the Epic Games store.

Epic First Run program, aimed at third-party developers, offers developers an opportunity to maximize their net revenue from user spending on eligible products. Participants in the program can enjoy an increased revenue share from 88% to 100% during the initial six months of their products being available on the Epic Games Store. Following this period, developers will return to the standard 88%/12% revenue split offered by Epic.

In the six-month exclusivity period, the developers can also sell the games on their own websites. When the exclusivity period ends, they can also release their game on other third-party platforms, retaining their place and the usual cut on the Epic Games platform.

With a vast and growing global audience of more than 230 million players and 68 million monthly active users, the Epic Games Store is well-positioned to provide exposure to participating products. These products will be highlighted on the store with exclusive badges, prime homepage placements, and dedicated collections. Additionally, they will be featured in various store campaigns, such as sales, events, and editorial features, enhancing their visibility throughout their Epic First Run.

The program is designed to empower developers of all sizes by enabling them to tap into the vast global audience right at the launch of their products. However, to achieve optimal results, developers are encouraged to actively promote their products to their target audience. Valuable marketing best practices can be found in the Developer Resources Documentation.

Participation in the Epic First Run program is open to developers and publishers with registered Epic Games developer accounts and eligible new releases scheduled to launch on or after October 16, 2023. Developers interested in this opportunity can stay updated on registration details through the program’s information page.

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