Kinetix announced updates to AI-supported motion capture technology

Founded in 2020, Kinetix has created a generative AI-powered platform and no-code tools that enable users, creators, and video game makers to swiftly create and edit animated 3D content. The company announced significant advances in AI technology behind its platforms. An AI model that captures motion from videos and an AI tool that applies the predefined motions to any animation, characters, or avatars in a matter of clicks.

Founded by Yassine Tahi and Henri Mirande the company has been known for developing AI-supoorted tools that enable anyone to apply emotes to avatars. The tools allow professionals like game developers to create 3D animation without years of training and specialized software and hardware.

The new tools are part of the Kinetix platform’s 2.0 version with the capability of motion extraction from videos. The new generation of algorithms achieves better posture, translations, and grounding results. They also come with style transfer files that apply predefined motion to animations to create more expressive emotes. Kinetix will extend the file library continuously. 

Henri Mirande, CTO and co-founder at Kinetix, said: 

“With so much debate recently on generative AI’s potential to streamline and democratize creative processes, we’re proud to announce these advances in our custom AI model. They mean that we can now more accurately extract complex motions from video content – such as backflips, parkour, or sprinting up a flight of stairs. We have also found that a large number of our users enjoy creating animations from a pre-existing library rather than uploading their own videos. Our AI-powered style transfer filters can be used to enhance both custom-generated and stock animations, adding more fun and humor into the mix.”

In 2022, Kinetix raised $11 million in a seed funding round and has already established partnerships with multiple virtual worlds, including Roblox, The Sandbox, ZEPETO, Decentraland, and PolyLand.

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