Mobile game industry veterans launch InfiniGods, a blockchain gaming studio

Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue are at the wheel.
InfiniGods Logo with a drawing of Odin and a raven in the background

A new blockchain gaming studio is rising and it’s focused on developing fun and free-to-play Web3 games centered around mythologies and ancient civilizations. The studio is named appropriately with its goals, InfiniGods, and has two mobile gaming industry experts at the helm, Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue.

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InfiniGods raised $9 million in a seed round that took place back in May 2022 and had Pantera Capital leading the investment round. Framework Ventures and Animoca Brands also invested in the innovative blockchain gaming studio.

As with almost every other Web3-focused young gaming company, Infinigods too wants to make blockchain gaming accessible and fun for everyone and give the player ownership of their in-game items and other assets. The gaming studio will offer its players several types of rewards and boosts just by playing its games, with no hidden goals or catches.

Damon Gura, Co-founder, and CEO of InfiniGods believes the barrier of entry to Web3 gaming is too high and this is one of the key factors that discourage people from having fun playing blockchain-based games. Gura said;

“We founded InfiniGods to change the landscape of the internet and the future of gaming by encouraging people to have fun and have real ownership in the assets they generate across games.”

Owen O’Donoghue, Co-founder and CRO of InfiniGods said their games are built from the ground up and with interoperability in mind. O’Donoghue added;

“Our NFTs are designed from the start to be accessible and usable as cross-game assets not only in our games but also in games developed outside of InfiniGods. Through InfiniGods, we can onboard millions of new players to Web3 games!”

The studio’s first game, InfiniMerge to launch this fall

The gaming entity is currently working on its first game, InfiniMerge, which is currently in the beta stage; the company expects to launch it before the fall season wraps up. It also has an initiative called Community Merge, where the leading team at InfiniGods selects one community project per year to develop playable experiences.

InfiniGods’ first game, InfiniMerge is a puzzle game inspired by the likes of Candy Crush, City Block, and Triple Town. The game offers players a new level to play per day, based on mythology and ancient civilizations. The company says its August 2022 beta test saw over 500 unique players participating with a 70% retention rate.

InfiniGods current projects work only on PC at the moment, but the mobile versions are on the way and “will arrive soon”.

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