Razercon 2023 celebrated new products and collaborations

CEO Min-Liang Tan unveiled a suite of upcoming launches including six game-changing products, and new exciting partnerships.

Razer’s flagship event, steered by CEO Min-Liang Tan, revealed a line-up of products, updates, and collaborations. The event was also co-hosted by gaming consortium OTK, who dove deep into Razer’s new products, showcased gamer battlestations, and shared gamer insights.

In keeping with Razer’s commitment to sustainability, RazerCon 2023 was once again powered by renewable energy sources for its data transmission and offsetting emissions arising from the usage of devices tuning in as it continues its carbon-neutral streaming tradition.

At RazerCon 2023, the global community received exclusive previews of several upcoming Razer product launches, including the much-anticipated Razer Huntsman V3 Pro line, the all-new Razer Synapse, the Razer Gamer Room line, and the Razer Fujin line of breathable mesh gaming chairs.

The event celebrated a fusion of gaming and luxury, heralding limited-edition design unions with industry titans Gillette, Dolce&Gabbana, and Automobili Lamborghini.

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