Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark franchise reaches 1 billion downloads

With this massive milestone, the franchise becomes Ubisoft’s most downloaded mobile game franchise.
many sharks and other large underwater animals charging at each other underwater

Ubisoft has announced that its hit franchise, Hungry Shark has hit 1 billion downloads globally across mobile platforms. Developed by Ubisoft Future Games, the franchise features sharks in a feeding frenzy across the world’s oceans.

The first Hungry Shark game was released in 2010, developed by a seven-person team, followed by two sequels before Hungry Shark Evolution was released in 2012. Since 2019, Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile studio managed the game, shifting it to a freemium model and thus, significantly boosting its player base. To date, Hungry Shark Evolution has been downloaded 630,000 times. The studio was acquired by Ubisoft in 2013, and in 2016, the enormously successful Hungry Shark World was released.

Ian Harper, Managing Director of Ubisoft Future Games of London, said,

 “We’re really proud to reach this incredible milestone and I’d like to thank the teams involved for their hard work as we look ahead to some exciting announcements in early 2023 on the future direction of the studio and to share more on Hungry Shark brand.”

Ubisoft Future Games of London have teamed up with Glowing Glowing Gone to amplify their campaign in support of greater ocean protection and the preservation and restoration of coral reefs.

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