Geopoly hits $3 million market cap in 48 hours

The game is currently available on the Android platform only. The web and iOS versions are on the way.
Geopoly reached a market capitalization of $3 million in 48 hours.

Geopoly is an ambitious platform that customers describe as the world’s “biggest capitalist” game, providing active opportunities, rentals, purchases, investments, and sales opportunities, where business owners can generate income and expand exponentially.

Geopoly game is available on Android platforms. The development team will soon release web and iOS versions as well.

Geopoly was named one of the four most innovative games by the Apple LATAM team in 2018, given its unique approach to the industry. Additionally, Geopoly garnered 1.7k votes from 37 countries to join Global Google’s Indie Game Incubation in 2019.

Geopoly has adopted a dual system to better achieve its goals. The cycle of the game is based on four main actions: starting a business, hiring, upgrading and selling. However, there are certain rental models to earn passive income within the game. Business goals consist of certain stages:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Start-Up
  • SMB
  • Corporation
  • International Corp.
  • Global Empire

In Geopoly it all starts with branches. Initially, a player starts off by getting a free branch that grants him the initial management capacity (MC). This means they can manage or hire new businesses. Next, the player must invest in upgrades to gain XP (experience). The more XP you get, the more levels you level up and thus the greater the chance of gaining more branches.

To make the game even more interesting, there will be two types of NFTs. The first type is unique and iconic locations that allow users to earn GEO$ tokens passively. Ownership Certificates will be another form of earning.

The GEO$ token will be at the center of the game and will be available on Geopoly. GEO$ can be used to buy businesses that matter most. There will be 1 billion GEO tokens as a total supply. Geopoly is already crowdfunding and is taking $3 million in private sales within 48 hours.

Let’s also remind you that Geopoly has partnered with four different high-profile launchpads at Seedify, Enjinstarter, Poolz and Trustpad prior to its pre-sales on December 13 and 14.

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