Hiro Capital invests $1.6 million in Loric Games

Loric Games believe that good storytelling can set a game apart.
Loric Games' logo - a path leading through a forest, towards three tall mountains

VC fund Hiro Capital has announced that it has become the main investor in Loric Games with a seed investment of $1.6 million. The newly created game studio was founded in March by Brian Johnson, Ray Soto, and Rob Denton, former Mythic Entertainment veterans. Loric Games will specialize in co-op survival RPGs, and the studio’s debut title will be announced in 2023.

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Brian Johnson is the CEO of the newly founded studio, while Rob Denton serves as the COO, and Ray Soto as the Studio Art Director. They had previously worked on some notable titles such as Ultima Online and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Johnson commented,

“We’re building a game that’s more than just eating berries, punching trees, and building thatch huts. We all love playing games with heroic stories. Through our long history of developing games, we’ve bought into the idea that good storytelling can set a game apart. The survival experience can be much more impactful with the right blend of story and open-world gameplay mechanics.”

Spike Laurie, Partner at Hiro Capital said,

“We’re thrilled to be the lead investor in Loric Games, it’s fair to say that I’ve spent far too much time in the worlds that Rob and Brian, and their team have created, and we’re confident that their next adventure is going to be even more compelling.”

Hiro Capital is a Venture Capital fund that invests globally in games, IP, Web3, and Metaverse Technologies. It backs experienced teams, building innovative technologies and content. Hiro Capital previously invested in Atom Switch along with 1Up Ventures for a total investment amount of $3.4 million.

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