Left to Survive celebrates its 5th anniversary

Mobile PvE shooter by MY.GAMES, Left to Survive, is set to commemorate its 5th anniversary with its 1.2 million monthly active users. The thrilling anniversary in-game events will go on from July 24 to 31.
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Over the past five years, Left to Survive has consistently grown in popularity and recognition within the app market. With 1.5 billion PvE matches played, more than 63 million installs, and a revenue generation of $130 million, the game has solidified its position as the second most successful mobile title in its genre.

The game’s anniversary event series has been launched following a major update, inviting players to partake in a frenetic battle against hordes of zombies. Alongside this action-packed event, players can enjoy engaging in new construction events, birthday contests, flash codes, a special zombie calendar, and more. The series aims to provide players with a lively barbecue party experience, with abundant fantastic prizes and gifts. As the event series climaxes, players can anticipate encountering a distinctive new zombie and an unexpected hero with an intriguing background.

Left to Survive’s longevity can be attributed to its intense live ops, regular updates introducing new mechanics, unique content, and exciting seasonal events. The game boasts an average daily active users (DAU) count exceeding 160.000, while its monthly active users is 1.2 million.

Vladimir Nikolsky, CEO of MY.GAMES commented: 

“Since its launch, Left to Survive has shown great potential thanks to its well-implemented shooter gameplay and the project’s unique feature – the combination of a shooter with a fully-fledged base-building meta. In combination with rich social and competitive mechanics, this allows for the formation of a large core of dedicated users who are ready to play the game for years. Another part of the success is the game’s active expansion to PC in addition to the iOS and Android platforms, which makes it available to a wider audience.”

Players can enjoy Left to Survive on Android, iOS, and PC platforms. The Anniversary event is now live and will run until July 31st.

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