Mobile Gamers of Germany 2023

Appinio and adjoe collaborated for a deeper look into the mobile game market in Germany. Considering that Germany has been identified as Europe’s largest game market, this report will provide valuable insights to stakeholders in the industry, from developers to publishers and marketers.
german game market report 2023

Hamburg-based mobile game specialists, adjoe, and consumer insights platform, Appinio have collaborated on a report that explores the behavior of mobile gamers in Germany. The report was created in response to the growth of the mobile game market in Germany, which has been identified as Europe’s largest and has recently received €20 million in additional funding from the German Bundestag to support the development of mobile games in the region.

Carly Ostasiewski, Director of Growth at adjoe says: 

“We see that mobile games have become the biggest revenue generator in terms of the worldwide app market. As app installs, revenues, and the number of games available increase, understanding players’ behavior, wants, and needs are critical for companies to continue connecting with their users in the most meaningful way.” 

The report, titled Mobile Gamers of Germany 2023, is based on a nationally representative survey of 1,000 Germans conducted via the Appinio platform. It provides insights into the key characteristics of the German mobile game market, including platform preferences, game popularity, and player loyalty. The report also considers the impacts of increasing financial pressure on consumers in a post-pandemic era.

According to the report, seven in ten German gamers play mobile games on Android instead of Apple. This platform preference is especially prevalent among more financially mature demographics, with 69% of the active workforce playing games on Android phones. The report also highlights the popularity of casual games and that player loyalty is not absolute. Most users install new games monthly and switch between two and three games. Therefore, game developers need to continue providing a consistent stream of new games to meet user demand.

Ostasiewski also commented:

“Collaborations such as this one between adjoe and Appinio are crucial for advancing the mobile game industry in Germany and beyond. This is the first of many rounds of behavioral analyses we intend to publish alongside Appinio, and we are excited to provide user reports in key mobile markets.”

The report reveals that in the post-pandemic stage,62% of heavy gamers’ in-app purchase behavior has changed over the past six months. Over one-third of these users doesn’t make in-app purchases or have reduced their spending on gaming apps. As a result, these users are shifting towards engaging with rewarded ads to gain the perks they previously paid for.

The full version of the report is available here: Mobile Gamers of Germany 2023.

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