Most downloaded mobile games worldwide: February 2022

A significant portion of the downloads of the global mobile game market comes from India.

Sensor Tower has announced the most downloaded games of February 2022. While India came to the fore with its contribution to the number of downloads, Free Fire from Garena remained the leader in the list.

Free Fire from Garena increased by 22.7% compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 21.8 million downloads. This means that the most downloaded game in February 2022 was Garena Free Fire. 41% of the game’s downloads come from India. Brazil follows with 9.4%.

Most downloaded mobile games of February 2022

Subway Surfers from Sybo Games ranks second in the most downloaded mobile games list with 19.5 million downloads. 18.8% of Subway Surfers downloads come from India and 7.8% from Brazil.

Third on the list is Merge Master from Homa Games, followed by King’s Candy Crush Saga and Roblox.

In February 2022, mobile games have been downloaded a total of 4.4 billion times

In February 2022, the mobile game market reached 4.4 billion downloads in total. This means a 0.7% increase in total downloads compared to the same period last year. About 15% (670 million) of worldwide downloads came from India. The USA ranked second with an 8.7% download rate, followed by Brazil with 7.8%.

Wordle from Goldfinch Studios, the most downloaded mobile game of February 2022 for the App Store, had an interesting leap forward. The game’s downloads have increased by nearly 171% since last month alone, reaching 6.7 million. Wordle here has no affiliation with the other game of the same name that was bought by The New York Times.

Another notable increase in downloads was seen in Supercell’s Clash of Clans title. Downloads of the game reached 6 million, an increase of 48% year over year. It seems likely that the “Extra Life for Heroes” feature, which was recently added to the game, affects this increase. After the last updates of the game, some improvements have been made in general and now players can send their heroes in the game to battle more often.

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