Nifty Games grows leadership team to accelerate operations

Nifty Games has announced the expansion of its senior team with the hiring of Chris Rausch and the promotion of Tom Shoenhair.
Nifty Game-Chris Rausch-Tom Shoenhair
Chris Rausch and Tom Shoenhair

Newly hired by Nifty Games, Chris Rausch has worked at studios like Neversoft Entertainment, SuperVillain Studios, and Nicalis Inc. Rausch has experience in game design since 1993, including Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

Chris Rausch’s title at Nifty Games will be Design Director, and he will take a leadership role in game design, project management, production, and development.

The name promoted at Nifty Games is Tom Shoenhair. Working as VP of Product at Nifty Games since 2019, Shoenhair previously held senior positions at Zynga and WB Games. The new title of the experienced name in the company will be Chief Product Officer.

Shoenhair will analyze the mobile gaming market and will be responsible for delivering the company’s products to players with an intense experience. Tom Shoenhair and Chris Rausch are highly experienced in the industry and will use this experience to strengthen Nifty Games.

Nifty Games is known for its NFL Clash game, and the company wants to focus on games in the sports genre. On the subject, Jon Middleton, CEO of Nifty Games, says:

“We’re excited to see the rapid growth of Nifty Games as we continue to evolve our first game, NFL Clash, and move towards the global launch of NBA Clash.

Having the right talent on board is paramount, and we’re thrilled to have seasoned industry experts like Tom and Chris as part of our team.”

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