Over 60% of My.Games revenue came from mobile

My.Games, which are mostly popular for their online multiplayer game Warfarce. Today, the Russian giant reported that it surpassed its annual performance expectations. The game division of Mail.ru Group said that 72 percent of its mobile revenue was from North America and Europe. As we said, Warface is the company’s best-performing PC and console game, it has over 85 million registered users. However, mobile games generated 61 percent of total revenue in the fourth quarter.

My.Games’ total revenue for 2019 reached $474 million

During 2019, the publisher’s total revenue rose 23 percent to $474 million and its audience spiked to 605 million players. The leading mobile title is Hustle Castle which saw a 36% increase in the fourth quarter compared to the previous year. Total downloads reached 55 million since its release two years ago, it also has the record for the highest daily earnings with $1.6 million in a single day. Meanwhile, War Robots is still growing and its downloads reached 150 million since launch.

My.Games Hustle Castle

Other titles that launched last year did well too including American Dad! Apocalypse Soon who was developed with Fox Next. Love-Sick: Interactive Stories got 4 million downloads throughout the year. My.Games CEO Vasily Maguryan told GamesIndustry that their “primary focus areas for 2020 will remain international expansion and growth in the mobile space, which offers a potential $150 billion in global revenue opportunity”. In the future, the company aims to become “one of the top 25 games companies worldwide.”

More investments on the way

By the end of last year, MRGV, the investment arm of My.Games had funded a total of 22 studios. It will not stop there as it plans to invest more as it expands globally. Maguryan said: “We have a full pipeline of releases for the year ahead that will appeal to the European and US video game markets. This will include a new console gaming project from the Warface franchise launching Q2 2020, as well as one brand-new mobile title from Pixonic. We’ll continue to develop our international gaming platform, My.Games Store, which launched in open beta at the end of 2019.”


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