Pocketpair is burning money to keep Palworld servers up

Palworld took the game industry by storm when its sales surpassed 6 million in a few days, but with the quickly increasing number of players, the cost of running the game servers is rising. Reportedly, the developer has a single strategy: Keep the servers running at all costs. 

Pocketpair, the developer behind the controversial hit, spends approximately $478,000 monthly on servers to maintain uninterrupted service. Takuro Mizobe, the CEO of Pocketpair, humorously acknowledged the financial burden in a tweet, suggesting the studio might “go bankrupt from server fees.”

The tweet included a snippet highlighting the evolving server costs since Palworld’s recent launch. Network engineer Chujo Hiroto affirmed the commitment to maintaining a seamless gaming experience despite the substantial expense. Responding to Mizobe’s tweet, Hiroto stated, “Following the order to never let the service go down no matter what, we have prepared servers without regard to cost. We will continue to give our all to ensure that all players can enjoy to the fullest! $478,000…”

Less than two weeks into its early access release, Palworld has achieved noteworthy success, surpassing 19 million Xbox Series X/S and PC players. Microsoft now heralds it as Game Pass’s largest third-party launch. Despite a somewhat turbulent start with server challenges during the initial influx of players, Palworld quickly gained momentum.

Within 24 hours of its launch, the game attracted 2 million players. Over 5 million copies were sold in three days, escalating to 8 million on Steam within six days of release. Palworld’s popularity is evident, but the substantial investment in server costs underlines the financial commitment required to sustain its impressive player base.

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