RevX’s ad creative innovations and AI-powered targeting drive user retention, ROAS and reduce CPA

A detailed look into how NHN Playart and Nexon improved their mobile gaming app performance and achieved significant growth using RevX’s programmatic advertising solutions.
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RevX is made for growth and built for app marketers. They have been helping hundreds of brands achieve sustainable app growth for almost a decade. RevX offers solutions designed to future-proof app businesses in a privacy-first world, focusing on scale, high-quality supply, granular optimization, and transparency. They provide comprehensive solutions for companies acquiring, engaging, and converting users throughout the funnel.

The following are cases demonstrating RevX’s capabilities to deliver its promises and a look into how it did it for two of its clients. RevX, a programmatic advertising platform, helped two gaming app clients achieve their growth objectives. They are NHN Playart, a top developer of popular smartphone games in Japan, and Nexon, a South Korean video game publisher. 

RevX helped these clients bring back drop-off users, reduce churn, drive higher in-app conversions, and improve their return on ad spend (ROAS). The solutions provided by RevX included advanced audience segmentation to identify high-intent players and payers, dynamic creative optimization, and AI-powered targeting and audience modeling. These solutions were tailored to each client’s needs and significantly increased conversions, click-to-conversion ratios, and ROAS.

RevX offers a full-funnel solution for app marketing, including dynamic real-time targeting, placement optimization, creative innovation, and CPA/CPI prediction. They also offer ad creative innovations such as hybrid ads and rewarded videos.

The results achieved by the clients are impressive, with significant increases in conversions, click-to-conversion ratios, and ROAS. Additionally, the case study emphasizes the importance of storytelling in gaming and how RevX leverages innovative ad formats, such as hybrid ads and rewarded videos, to engage and retain app users.

RevX understands the role of storytelling in gaming and supports clients with messaging ideas and how they can be better conveyed with engaging ad formats that can drive higher engagement and conversion. This emphasis on storytelling is a part of their working process and contributes to their success in the industry.

A look into NHN Playart’s case

NHN Playart is a top developer of popular smartphone games in Japan. The company faced the challenge of bringing back drop-off users, reducing churn, and driving higher in-app conversions while lowering CPA and maximizing ROAS. NHN Playart leveraged RevX’s proprietary audience intelligence engine and Dynamic Creative Optimization tool to overcome these challenges to optimize their campaign.

The results were impressive. CPA was only 30% of the target on Android, while ROAS was 2.6 times the target. On iOS, CPA was 47% of the target, while ROAS was 1.7 times the target.

A look into Nexon’s case

Nexon, a South Korean video game publisher of the world’s most popular online games, faced the challenge of bringing back drop-off users and driving a higher volume of in-app conversions. To achieve this, Nexon utilized advanced audience segmentation to identify high-intent players and creative optimization to drive higher performance.

The results of Nexon’s strategy were outstanding. The company saw a 153% increase in reach (impressions served) and a 102% increase in in-app conversions.

How RevX achieved such results?

RevX’s Full Funnel Solution

RevX offers a full-funnel solution to support gaming app growth. They help grow your app by getting high-quality new users on 100% transparent programmatic channels. RevX provides solutions to prevent churn, activate new users early, and retarget dormant users with timely and relevant ads before they lapse.

Dynamic Real-time Targeting

RevX connects with every single user individually to make the most out of your marketing budget. They leverage inventory sources granularly based on performance, and they leverage creatives towards empathy, relevance, and “ease of engagement” to achieve the best performance for branding and performance. RevX has also made it their science to leverage deep-learning algorithms for bid optimization on all funnel stages to reach the most valuable users.

Ad Creative Innovations

RevX’s ad creative innovations include Hybrid Ads built for powerful re-engagement. These ads combine static and rich media elements to create outstanding ad templates. RevX offers rewarded videos, which reward viewers with something valuable like gaming bonuses, extra lives, tips, free articles, discounts, and more. This is a true game-changer for gaming apps, with 62% of developers seeing a considerable increase in user retention and monetization opportunities after introducing rewarded video ads.

The Role of Storytelling in Gaming

Gaming audiences are highly motivation-led, and RevX encourages developers to ask themselves and their development teams two questions: “What makes them play and stay?” To engage and convert better, RevX recommends building compelling storytelling that leverages human needs like competence, autonomy, and relatedness.

RevX’s Messaging Ideas

RevX offers several messaging ideas, including leveraging social validation, reminding users of their competence, and letting them know they are missed. RevX offers several blogs on app retargeting strategies for mobile gaming, how programmatic advertising spurs mobile gaming growth and app marketing strategies for the downturn.

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