Roblox calls employees back to office

Roblox Founder David Baszucki has unveiled plans for a return to the office, with employees set to work in-person three days a week.

David Baszucki, the Founder and CEO of Roblox, has revealed plans to shift away from remote work at the company with an open letter sent to staff. This transition will require numerous remote employees to relocate and work from the company’s headquarters in San Mateo by next summer. While recognizing the weight of this decision on employees and their families, Baszucki assured that all remote employees would receive detailed emails outlining the impact on their roles’ locations.

The decision stems from a meticulous evaluation of the effects of the pandemic on Roblox’s operations. In March 2020, the company adopted a fully remote workforce due to the pandemic. While this arrangement persisted longer than anticipated, other companies announced perpetual support for 100% remote work. Roblox, however, remained committed to its identity as an innovation company, emphasizing the necessity of in-person collaboration. The importance of mentorship for new college graduates and early-career employees, facilitated by in-office interactions, played a significant role in this decision.

The transition from remote work presents a personal challenge for employees as it profoundly influences their lives. Roblox has worked diligently to make the process systematic and fair, acknowledging that some employees may choose not to relocate. Exceptions will apply to teams and roles requiring remote work and individuals with specialized skills or deep institutional knowledge. For remote employees asked to move in-office, a choice between a three-day in-office schedule and a severance package will be provided.

The company has outlined a comprehensive plan, offering three months for employees to decide, an additional three months for those unable to relocate, and attractive severance packages for departing employees. For those choosing to relocate, assistance with relocation costs is part of the plan.

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