Sony expands video game soundtrack catalog on Spotify

The latest addition includes music from games like Gravity Rush, Shadow of the Colossus, Wild Arms, PoPoLoCrois, and many more.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently enriched the Spotify with a fresh compilation of video game soundtracks. This addition encompasses music from titles like Gravity Rush, Shadow of the Colossus, Wild Arms, and PoPoLoCrois, broadening the portfolio of the Sony Sound Team, renowned for providing free-to-stream soundtracks for games such as Bloodborne and The Last Guardian.

These soundtracks appear exclusive to Spotify, with no availability on other platforms like Apple Music. Any changes to this status will be communicated to fans. This release aligns with the ongoing trend of video game original soundtracks finding a home on Spotify, where enthusiasts can already discover compositions from popular games like Destiny, Elden Ring, Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy.

Remedy Games’ audio designer, Sam Hughes, has curated an extensive playlist on Spotify encompassing every available song, totaling 2710 tracks or 135 hours of music. This comprehensive playlist allows those with ample time to immerse themselves in a vast collection of top-tier video game music.

Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to extend its soundtrack archive on Spotify for video game music aficionados. With additional titles joining the discography, gamers now have the chance to enjoy the captivating melodies from a diverse array of iconic games. Whether experiencing the grandeur of Shadow of the Colossus or the enchanting melodies of Gravity Rush, these soundtracks provide an immersive musical journey for gaming enthusiasts globally.

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