Starbreeze Studios returns to game publishing with a new game

the tribe must survive logo on the left on a concept art

Swedish video game company Starbreeze studios, best known for the Payday series, are returning to publishing games after five year hiatus. The company’s first published game will be The Tribe Must Survive by the development studio Walking Tree Games.

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The Tribe Must Survive is a strategy tribe-builder game with survival and roguelike features in the Lovecraftian stone age. “The game immediately gets you hooked and allows for a lot of innovative additions over its lifetime. Starbreeze’s growing publishing team can help with our known expertise in keeping players engaged over a long period of time.” said Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Starbreeze.

A brief demo of The Tribe Must Survive was released on Steam in February this year and was downloaded over 4000 times, with the full game being wish-listed by more than 6000 players.

Starbreeze Studios had a short-lived publisher career; the company started publishing in 2014 with games like Dead by Daylight and Overkill’s The Walking Dead. However, the Swedish company had a couple of rough years following Overkill’s The Walking Dead game in 2018 and saw several CEO changes during that period.

Starbreeze signed a €50 million publishing deal with Koch Media in March 2021 that fully financed the remaining development, publishing, and post-launch support of Payday 3, with the game targeted for a 2023 release.


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