Steam page forCM Games’ Into the Radius is online

The developer of the game announced that the Steam page of Into the Radius is online, and development progress is moving forward.

The Steam page for the long-anticipated sequel to the VR survival shooter, “Into the Radius,” has been officially launched. This development marks a significant step in the game’s progress, allowing users to explore early in-game screenshots and gain insights into the game’s current features. Interested individuals can add the game to their wishlist via the provided link.

The Early Access phase of “Into the Radius 2” is now available, allowing players to experience both single-player and co-op modes, allowing collaboration with up to 4 players. The game presents a substantial location for exploration, various anomalies to encounter, a diverse range of weapons, and a collection of artifacts, each with unique perks or considerable value.

The game’s developer, CM Games, announced the occasion on its official LinkedIn account.

The developers have outlined their plan to release the game in late 2025, with a disclaimer that plans may evolve as the development progresses. They’ll also provide regular updates to the community to inform them of any changes along the way.

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