Supercell’s Boom Beach: Frontlines passes 1.3 million players

The game reached 1.3M players in the first ten days of the soft launch period.
The Boom Beach Frontlines

Supercell’s London-based studio Space Ape Games soft launched Boom Beach: Frontlines in 20 countries, and the game has already reached 1.3M players in its first ten days.

Boom Beach: Frontlines started its soft launch in Canada in October 2021. It was available on iOS and Android devices. Then the game’s soft launch was expanded to 19 more countries on August 3 and seems like it’s a big hit so far, however, no game is safe at Supercell, unless they perform extraordinarily and meet the high standards the Finnish studio has set.

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The spin-off game is doing really well, according to Space Ape Games. The company announced that 1.3 million players had downloaded the new Boom Beach game, and it only took ten days.

Boom Beach: Frontlines was expected to make a good soft launch since 50,000 players joined the Discord server dedicated to the game during the alpha testing and had over 1 million users pre-registered.

Boom Beach: Frontlines takes place in the Boom Beach game universe. Players compete against each other to capture the enemy’s base with a team of nine. It’s considered one of the biggest team battles on mobile. It encourages players to use different tactics and defeat their enemies using the power of good strategy.

The 9v9 team shooter game also features various defenses and traps for players to defend their base. The players can collect and upgrade their troops or vehicles, and power up their abilities. One of the interesting things about the game is that players can choose a character they know from the original game and play with them.

Space Ape Games is a London-based free-to-play game developer. The studio was founded in 2012 and bought by Supercell in 2017. The video game giant first bought 62.8% of Space Ape Games for $56.6 million. Supercell decided to invest $37 million in the same studio this year, which increased its ownership to 75%.

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