Talk to Me becomes the first horror movie to be globally promoted on Fortnite

The highly anticipated horror movie Talk to Me gets cross-promoted in Fortnite creative integration, DEADPINES: ZOMBIE SURVIVAL, and becomes the first horror movie to be globally promoted on Fortnite Creative.
talk to me movie and deadpinez: zombie survival banners side by side.

Altitude, an independent UK studio, has introduced an immersive crossover between the highly anticipated horror movie “TALK TO ME” and the populargame platform Fortnite. The “DEADPINES: ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” integration is now available for players to experience. This collaboration marks the first time a horror film has been globally featured within Fortnite.

Talk to Me revolves around an embalmed hand that allows communication with the deceased, leading to terrifying consequences. Hailed as one of the scariest movies of the decade and receiving positive reviews, the film follows a group of friends who become obsessed with conjuring spirits using the embalmed hand. However, their newfound thrill turns into a nightmare when one of them unleashes malevolent supernatural forces.

The Fortnite game inspired by Talk to Me immerses players in the movie’s haunting storyline. As they navigate torrential rain and lightning, participants find themselves in a haunted house, engaging in a harrowing fusion of supernatural horror and combat. The game includes iconic scenes from the film, such as the Séance Room and Hospital, both teeming with soul-sucking undead. The ultimate challenge awaits outside the mansion, where players engage in an epic boss fight. Successful survivors are rewarded with coveted loot and experience points.

Directors Michael and Danny Philippou, known as RackaRacka on YouTube, have been actively involved in the creative development of the immersive integration. Their expertise as filmmakers and Fortnite enthusiasts ensures authenticity and an exhilarating gaming experience for players.

The integration of Talk to Me seamlessly fits into the popular DEADPINES: ZOMBIE SURVIVAL game, where players aim to eliminate hordes of zombies, achieve high scores, complete speed-runs and missions, and gradually uncover the mysterious story behind Deadpines. Havas Entertainment developed the game integration, in-game advertising, and marketing campaign in collaboration with Livewire Group, specialists in games marketing. The integration was designed and built by Gamefam, a metaverse game developer that owns and operates Deadpines, initially launched in October 2022.

The Deadpines UGC Fortnite game has captivated over 17 million gamers worldwide and consistently appears in the Fortnite Discovery tab as one of the most engaging games. The Talk to Me campaign is available until August 13 and accessible for free on various platforms and devices, including consoles, PCs, mobile, and tablets.

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