The Day Before ads show up in Times Square

The anticipated survival game The Day Before greeted New Yorkers with its ads on the big screens in the famous Times Square to mark its release date.

Mytona, the publisher, and Fntastic, the developer, have geared up for the upcoming early access release of their highly anticipated game, “The Day Before,” scheduled for December 7th. As part of the promotional efforts surrounding the game, its promotional video has taken center stage in Times Square, contributing to the heightened anticipation for releasing one of the most wish-listed games on Steam.

The appearance of advertisements in Times Square is not just a marketing strategy but a symbolic gesture, symbolizing a connection between the game’s virtual world and the real-world urban landscape mirrored in the game’s setting.

“The Day Before” unfolds in a post-pandemic, open-world environment, featuring a cityscape reminiscent of New York. Players are promised an immersive experience as they navigate through abandoned buildings, craft weapons, and collaborate with other survivors to navigate and overcome various threats. The game’s real-time day-night cycle and dynamic weather system contribute to the realism and challenges players face. Additionally, social interaction plays a crucial role, allowing players to trade, communicate, and form alliances or rivalries with fellow survivors.

Boasting stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and the allure of a thrilling adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world, “The Day Before” is positioned to make a mark in the survival genre as it enters early access.

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