The future of UA measurement: stats, trends & strategy – MBC 2022

Singular’s General Manager of the EMEA and India region, Neil Mills, attended the Mobidictum Business Conference and shared his thoughts about the future of UA and defines MMP duties.
A headshot of Singular's Neil Mills

Neil Mills from Singular was in Istanbul for the Mobidictum Business Conference three weeks ago. He gave an informative presentation about the future of user acquisition management and defines MMP duties.

Mills started the presentation with a short introduction of Singular and continued by stating what has changed worldwide in 2022. The experienced General Manager determined three massive changes that affected the ecosystem.

Firstly, the end of COVID and the quarantine era lowered demand as people returned to their “new normal” lives. Second, the privacy changes caused data loss for marketers as they had to shift their perspective while entering the market. Lastly, the economic climate has affected everyone, and strategies have changed with this looming recession.

Mills moved on to explain how these changes have affected data science and ways to keep up with the evolving marketing models. He then stated that without the data provided by an Advanced Analytics layer, around 20% of campaigns lose valuable data and go into the market with one hand behind their backs. This data helps companies make optimization decisions more accurately.

The GM later briefly talked about the upcoming privacy changes for Android and moved on to what should be expected from a reliable MMP. He argued that a mobile measurement partner should have constant industry innovation, privacy-safe transparency, multi-channel or omnichannel optimization, be built for data diversity, and be easy to integrate.

Mills finishes up with a summary of what an MMPs definitive duties are. You can reach Mills’ full speech along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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