The Xsolla Report: Spring 2024

Insights from The Xsolla Report: Spring 2024 on how the gaming industry is adapting to meet the needs of an 84% engaged consumer base with cross-platform accessibility and innovation
The Xsolla Report Spring 2024

In the new report, Xsolla covered mobile gaming in a cross-platform landscape. Titles like Genshin Impact and Among Us exemplify this shift, successfully bridging the distance between cellular and conventional gaming structures.

  • Mobile games’ market share in 2023, and across all genres, was 49% worldwide
  • Console and PC games represented 29% and 22%, respectively, compared to mobile games
  • 84% of consumers engage with video games and virtual worlds.

The mobile games sector has developed rapidly over the past 8 years, fueled by the meteoric rise of smartphone penetration. The number of smartphone users quadrupled from 2014 to 2023, reaching an impressive 4.2 billion worldwide. Notably, 39% – i.e., 1.6 billion users – are mobile gamers, and this number will continue to grow, reaching 1.85 billion by 2027 (including 221.5 million users in Europe).

Games that offer players a cohesive experience on smartphones, tablets, and PCs are progressively considering how to satisfy their audience in the years ahead.

Want to read more about the mobile game marketplace’s trajectory? The current edition of The Xsolla Report also dives into the impact of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), The history and future of cross-platform play, and the intersection of gaming and telecoms.

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