Top 10 game startups from Cyprus

Cyprus is a thriving hub for game industry startups with a convenient business environment, strategic location, and talented workforce. We have compiled ten startups that emerged from this favorable environment.

Cyprus is a rapidly growing hub for startups in the game industry. With its strategic location, favorable business environment, and talented workforce, the country is home to many innovative and dynamic gaming startups making waves in the industry. These startups reflect the dedication and creativity of Cyprus’s tech industry and signal a growing interest in the island nation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Gameram is set to be the most prominent social app for gamers. It’s a first-of-its-kind social app where anyone who enjoys games can make new friends, share experiences, and discover new games. With an innovative, community-driven approach, Gameram helps players from around the globe build a new virtual identity, find teammates, share achievements, and explore games together.

Gameram was created by a group of game industry experts, aiming to develop the only social network for everyone who enjoys games to socialize over their shared passion. Gameram’s goal is to unite players in a worldwide community. Gameram prides itself on creating a welcoming space for fans of mobile games to share their passion and accomplishments with like-minded people; it knows what players love and understands how games work. The company is headquartered in Paphos, Cyprus, with an international team from around the globe

Mundfish is a video game development studio headquartered in Cyprus, focusing on creating a unique and captivating gaming experience. The company was founded in 2017 by four like-minded gaming enthusiasts. A talented global team leads Mundfish, focused on creating an original, compelling, and unique gaming experience with their first title, Atomic Heart

With the release of the first game and view of the utopia of an alternative world, the dynamic team of 30-somethings created an original, unique gaming experience that disrupts the industry with their creativity. The company has built an incredible team of 130 creatives from 10 countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Georgia, Israel, Armenia, and Cyprus. Thanks to the experienced international team of developers, Mundfish has created Atomic Heart, an ambitious project showing the unusual universe of games in an epic adventure. The originality of ideas is the basis of Mundfish’s philosophy: dedicated to identity and remaining unique -by creating original content. With investors like Gaijin Entertainment, Gem Capital, Tencent, and our hardware partner Nvidia, Mundfish aims to provide a complete sci-fi world ecosystem.

Cyprus-based Eschatology Entertainment was founded in 2022. The company aims to create a new generation of immersive hardcore experiences in a unique living game world. Eschatology entertainment aims to create an immersive and apocalyptic world rich with history, horror, complex characters, and astonishing stories. 

Their IP can stretch beyond a single game and become a cultural phenomenon. The company comes from a group of hardcore players and big fans of challenging gameplay and rich narratives, aiming to create the kind of games they aspire to play. Their team comprises many talented designers, artists, animators, writers, and developers from around the globe, all dedicated to making a trailblazing game.

Unfrozen Studio was founded in 2016 as a small team of enthusiasts who want to make the games of their dreams. With their headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, Unfrozen consists of game enthusiasts who want to make the games of their goals; the studio founders have worked in game development and journalism for over 15 years, bringing a long-term experience in the field with them. At various times, the studio staff worked on dozens of game projects.

VEA Games is a developer of a video games studio platform intended to provide sustainable and prosperous games compatible with multiple platforms. The company’s platform specializes in developing prototypes, reflecting, and testing with target audiences to provide a high-quality social experience with games that connect people, enabling users to enjoy leisure time with friends.

Skich is a game recommendation app aiming to help mobile users find games to play that better match their interests. It carefully toes the line to avoid bumping against Apple’s App Store rule, which prohibits other apps from acting as App Stores. Skich lets you “match” with games you might like using a card-style interface, similar to a dating app. In this case, a left swipe indicates you’re passing on the game, and a right swipe adds the game to your “want” list of games you want to try. You can also swipe up to read more about the game in question. Tapping the link on the game will redirect users directly to the App Store or Google Play -depending on your platform- to download the title you want to check out.

Jarvi Games is a team of young and enthusiastic people who share the goal of making the best MMO action game on mobile devices. Based in Nicosia, their product -Vice Online- is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game with many possibilities focused on social interaction; their main goals are to communicate, make friends and play together, explore the world, and be whom you want. Vice Online is an innovative role-playing game and online open-world game. The game immerses you in the world of a big city like Los Angeles or Miami crime simulator; Vice Online encourages players to dare.

Kek entertainment is a games studio in Cyprus. A place where people passionate about games brings their ideas to life. Kek aims to create AAA games that make people infatuated with the games industry.

With the combined industry experience of over ten years, Kek aims to bring the fun back into gaming. Their team includes veterans of the game dev world, bringing their knowledge from Ubisoft, EA, DICE, and MY.GAMES, Pixonic Studios, and beyond. 

Made on Earth Games is a mobile game development company founded in 2021. The company aims to combine high-quality art, deep creative gameplay, and modern technologies. The company aims to deliver a fantastic game experience to mobile devices worldwide. At Made on Earth Games, all team members have a unique chance to contribute to the final product and the whole company.

Vandrouka Games is a startup with an experienced mobile casual game development team that shares their love for games and knows how to make them. Vandrouka aims to develop bright, attractive, engaging, and entertaining games that allow you to learn new things. With the word “Vandrouka” stemming from the meaning of travel or even adventure, their goal is to grow a product company where everyone can make the best games of their lives for gamers worldwide.

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