tvScientific launches CTV Performance Advertising Solution for games

With the new CTV solution, games will now be able to reach the TV audience.
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tvScientific brings its Connected TV ad platform to games.

CTV advertising solutions platform tvScientific announced that it had entered the game industry. The company aims to free mobile game marketers from unnecessary layers and offer the highest value with its new advertising solution.

tvScientific’s CTV advertising solution is based on simple but effective logic. tvScientific says it will provide the benefit to access 95% of advertising-based video on demand (AVOD). This means that publisher companies can more easily process the data of game advertisements they place on streaming platforms. In short, tvScientific’s CTV ad solution offers game publishers a new alternative to processing data from TV ads.

The company worked with more than 15 companies to develop the platform, including AppLovin, Big Fish Games, Rec Room, and Wildlife Studios. Jerome Turnbull from AppLovin said:

“We have always wanted to advertise to television audiences because it gives us tremendous reach and allows us to drive brand affinity for our games, but until now, we’ve had a difficult time quantifying the effectiveness of the channel. tvScientific gives us the ability to run our video ads across some of the best CTV inventory, while measuring performance and optimizing our campaigns in the same way we optimize in-app, social, or search campaigns”

Kent Wakeford, the Co-Founder of tvScientific and former COO of Kabam, added:

“We believe that CTV advertising represents the next frontier for game marketing. We set out to take all of the guesswork and complexity out of CTV advertising by providing an extremely simple — yet incredibly powerful — platform that lets game marketers reach television audiences with precision and efficiency. As a result, we have transformed TV into a scalable marketing channel that delivers clear, measurable ROI to support the user acquisition goals of game marketers everywhere.”

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