Twitch CEO’s application to Twitch Partners was denied

Twitch CEO applied to the program, keeping it a secret just to see what happens, and Twitch rejected the application its own CEO.

Twitch CEO Daniel Clancy revealed via Twitter that his application to the Twitch Partner Program had been denied. Clancy, known as streamer “DJClancy,” kept the application secret until the rejection, emphasizing the challenges of securing partnership even for the platform’s own CEO.

The rejection email, shared in the tweet, acknowledged hitting the “Path to Partner Achievement” as a significant milestone but stated that Twitch could not offer Clancy a partnership at the current time. The email cited concerns about the fluctuating viewership on Clancy’s channel, emphasizing the platform’s preference for consistency over occasional spikes in viewership. As mentioned in the email, the requirement for partnership is a consistent average of 75 viewers per stream, excluding any viewership from hosts, raids, front page, or embeds.

The rejection, however, came with the reassurance that it does not rule out the possibility of securing a partnership in the future. Twitch encouraged Clancy to reapply if he continues producing great content and consistently grows in the community.

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