Upcoming winter releases: What’s new in the App Store?

81% of the apps expected to be released are games.
apptica upcoming ios games
Apptica has recently listed the upcoming games for App Store.

The winter has just begun, but we already know which applications and games are going to hit App Store in the next three months. Apptica made research on the iOS mobile market — thanks to its new pre-orders feature — that will answer all questions about the most popular game genres of this winter and forthcoming continuations of legendary titles.

Types of mobile apps that will be released in the winter season.
Types of mobile apps that will be released in the winter season.

According to Apptica’s research, this winter expects a huge wave of games in all possible genres. From more than 200 mobile applications that were announced to launch from December to February on iOS, about 81% are games. Various applications will also enter the market: the remaining 19% consists of Health & Fitness apps and Utilities (about 3,4% both), Lifestyle and Social Networking apps (about 2,5% both), Entertainment (about 2%), Photo & Video apps (about 1,5%) as well as Food & Drink applications (only about 1%). Other categories like Music, Productivity, Books, Education and Finance apps were only presented in a single quantity.

Which mobile game categories will become leaders of the winter season?

Percentage of game genres.
Percentage of game genres.

The game category has become the most extensive among other categories, but what genres will become leaders this season? Let’s find it out.

Third place: Puzzle

The third-place deservedly takes puzzle games — some of the most relaxing and addictive games on the market. This winter we are lucky to try some horror mystery brain teasers, design our dream homes and see continuations of famous mobile titles.

Worth trying out: “Nobodies: After Death” by Blyts

Nobodies: After Death
Nobodies: After Death

In this sophisticated puzzle game, you have to clean up the bodies after the work of the secret service. The players are ought to destroy the evidence, crack the codes and should not leave any traces behind. Needless to say, you will get more than 100 hand-drawn locations and a fascinating story behind this game.

Second place: RPG

Role-playing games are also going to be flooding the App Store. Almost a quarter of all applications will drag players into their own universes and will allow them to become heroes.

Worth trying out: “Awaken: Chaos Era” by DianDian Interactive Holding

Awaken: Chaos Era
Awaken: Chaos Era

The constant battle between light and darkness has never been that exciting! Cinematic-style visuals and strategic gameplay of the new Awaken: Chaos Era game await those who will be brave enough to enter the mythical world of Awaken, an ancient land in which peace is being torn apart.

First place: Simulation

The mobile game market in winter 2021-2022 is going to be all about simulators of all kinds — from construction to motherhood. In the next three months, we will be able to try on many different roles and looks, try unusual professions, and even create our own virtual families.

Worth trying out: “Fantasy Life Online” by Boltrend games

Fantasy Life Online
Fantasy Life Online

The sequel to the popular Japanese console game will soon be available on iOS and Android platforms! Fantasy Life Online allows you to live your life on the Reveria continent as you wish: it features 12 kinds of lives (or jobs), which can be divided into three categories: Fighter, Gatherer, and Manufacturer, and has three gameplays: Adventure, Field Search and Village. You can enjoy the game alone or play with your friends.

Another exciting winter releases

  • “Cut the Rope: BLAST” by SKYWALK: This winter the story of voracious Om Nom will be continued — but this time, instead of ZeptoLab, Korean SKYWALK studio was engaged in development. Legendary puzzle game will be extended with new episodes about Om Nom and his friends as well as daily tasks and even tournaments and limited time events for true game fans. By the way, the new version of Cut the Rope can be used in offline mode!
  • “RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone” by WIMO Games: This RPG will bring the players to a story-filled magical journey. According to the legend, after 500 years of peace, Whitestone is under attack and needs help, so they should save this place from evil. This strategy role-playing game contains battles, quests and lots of adventures. Also those who pre-register now will get awesome rewards!
  • “GUNS UP! Mobile” by NHN Corp.: Guns Up! Mobile is a mobile version of a game that was earlier released on PS4. It brings a new fresh twist to Tower Defense battles: the players can build and upgrade their own bases, grow and customize their army and take on challenges – compete in asynchronous Multiplayer or take part in several single player challenges.
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