Web browser Opera and YoYo Games announce GX.games, a free mobile games publishing platform

The new platform is in beta now and it’s expected to be filled with games very soon.
Bir Opera ve YoYo Games platformu olan GX.games'in logosu.

The popular web browser Opera teams up with GameMaker’s creator YoYo Games to create a new version of GX.games, this time for mobile devices. The idea is to let video game developers publish mobile games across iOS and Android for free.

The new and free mobile games publishing platform will allow game creators that use GameMaker to publish their works on Opera’s gaming browser named Opera GX. The gaming-focused web browser has over 16 million active users.

Both creating the game, publishing it, and sharing is quite easy on the platform. All the user needs to do is tap or click on the hyperlink that belongs to the game. The desktop version of the platform launched back in November 2021, and the mobile version is currently in beta. The platform doesn’t have much to offer right off the bat, but there’s an upcoming GX.games game jam and it’s expected to have a high number of games soon.

Joanna Czajka, Product Director of GX Games made the following statement about their new product:

“We want game creators to be able to spend most of their time creating games, not figuring out the complex issues of compatibility. Building a mobile game and making it available on every mobile device via the mobile web has just become super easy with GameMaker and GX.games mobile.”

Both companies promise “native-like” performance and users don’t need to worry about any performance issues.

It’s interesting to see new marketplaces rising, especially following the recent digital markets act changes to make the digital industry fairer and more contestable. The Big Tech firm Google even decided to let developers use different payment methods and reduced its service fee.

Some of the biggest mobile game publishers launched their web stores to avoid paying Google and Apple taxes as well, and not too long ago Google agreed to start a $90 million fund to settle with US-based app developers for unfair practices.

There’s also a Toronto-based company called Parallelz, building a new platform that converts native mobile apps into native web apps, allowing developers to avoid the 30% cut Google and Apple apply.

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