Xsolla updates NFT solution and removes limitations to Web3 users

Users and developers can now sell, store and mint NFTs and deliver to Xsolla digital wallets.
xsolla logo on left and nft logo on right

International payment services company Xsolla announced new updates to its NFT solutions which previously limited Web3 developers and users. With the upcoming features, users can sell, store and mint NFTs and deliver to Xsolla digital wallets.

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Xsolla developed NFT checkout early this year to enable developers to integrate NFTs into game economies. Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla says “We see continued interest from current and new game developers in the Web 3.0 market,” and adds “To help these developers, Xsolla has taken steps to help our partners monetize their games with NFTs by making it simple to buy, store, and mint NFTs for their customers.” Hewish believes Web3 will soon be everywhere and cross-over through virtual worlds and metaverses will be seamless.

Xsolla also announced that it is expanding Xsolla Funding through Game Investment Platform to for game developers have video game trailers have better funding. In this new program developers can apply to increase their vide game trailers fund up to $250,000 in exchange for future revenue shares.

Xsolla announces partnership with Alipay+ increasing its reach in Asian market

Xsolla also joined forces with Alipay+ to increase its presence on Asia-Pasific region. Xsolla will be able to provide digital wallets and payment options to the market.

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Xsolla announced the partnership on its blog page, saying “We are excited to announce our integration of Alipay+, a suite of global cross-border mobile payments and marketing solutions from Ant Group. Alipay+ lets you extend more local payment options to customers throughout Asia.” Enterprise, mid-tier, and indie gaming partners will also have access to customer-targeted marketing promotions and can reach new players.

Asia is currently the biggest market in the gaming space and has more than half the players in the world. According to the statistics shared by Xsolla, 1.7 billion players reside in the region. Xsolla has been active in the region for the past eight years, operating in China, India, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Few months ago Xsolla launched two solutions programs, Xsolla Payouts for for developers and publishers and Xsolla Accelerator for independent game developers.


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