Zynga enters into agreement to acquire Istanbul-based Rollic

Zynga acquires Turkish game developer and publisher company Rollic.
Rollic Zynga
Zynga, Rollic’i satın alıyor.

American game company Zynga is buying Rollic, the Istanbul-based mobile game developer and publisher.

Zynga is getting ready to buy 80% shares of Rollic for 168 million dollars! According to businesswire.com’s article, the acquisition will be completed within this year.

Zynga enters the hyper-casual market with this acquisition

Rollic, who produces hyper-casual games, has been successful many times in America before. Zynga will have entered the hyper-casual genre by buying 80% of Rollic.

Burak Vardal, founder and CEO of Rollic, shared his thoughts on the acquisition:

“The Rollic team is proud to be joining Zynga, our expertise in hyper-casual is a seamless fit for Zynga’s proficiency in product management, data science, ad monetization, and world-class publishing. With Rollic’s robust slate of existing and new hyper-casual games joining Zynga’s portfolio, we look forward to advancing our collective mission to connect the world through games.”

Zynga’s CEO Frank Gibeau shared his thoughts on the acquisition:

“We are excited to expand into the hyper-casual category with the acquisition of Rollic, one of the fastest-growing hyper-casual developers and publishers worldwide in 2020, led by an incredibly creative team, with Rollic, we are meaningfully growing our audience, expanding and diversifying our global advertising business, and adding to our game pipeline and developer network. Zynga and Rollic are well-positioned to grow faster together.”

According to the information received, Zynga may buy the remaining shares of Rollic in the next three years.

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