Adjust releases Turkiye’s Mobile Application Trends report

The Adjust report shows that despite a global decline, gaming app installs and sessions in Turkiye saw a year-over-year

According to the Turkiye mobile application trends report published by leading measurement and analytics company Adjust, Turkiye’s Mobile Application Market is growing rapidly with a significant increase in discounts, consumer spending, and user interaction.

The Adjust report examines the rapidly developing application usage habits in Turkiye. Tailored for marketers looking for fast, actionable insights, the report reveals key benchmarks and highlights the latest trends.

  • In the first quarters of 2022, 2023 and 2024, gaming session times in Turkiye consistently exceeded both global and MENAT averages.
  • Finance applications in Turkiye had a 22% day 1 retention rate, exceeding the MENAT average by five points.
  • In the first quarter of 2024, shopping application installations in Turkiye increased by 36% and the number of sessions increased by 25% compared to the previous year.

Gaming apps in Turkiye

  • Gaming app installs and sessions significantly increased by 74% above the daily average on February 12 and 41% on December 31, indicating high engagement around New Year’s Eve.
  • Despite a global decline, gaming app installs and sessions in Turkiye saw a year-over-year  (YoY) increase, with family game apps growing the most dramatically—installs up by 110% and sessions by 377% in Q1 2024.
  • Strategy games also showed notable growth, with a 121% increase in sessions YoY.
  • Action games led in terms of both installs and sessions among gaming sub-verticals in Turkiye, representing 19% and 36% respectively.

While action games have the highest share among all game applications in Turkiye in 2023 with 19%, this category is followed by hyper casual with 13%, puzzle with 12% and sports games with 10%. In terms of gaming app sessions, action accounts for an even larger share at 36%, followed by sports at 18%, casino at 11%, and puzzle games at 6%.

The huge difference between the share of hyper casual installations (13%) and sessions (3%) is particularly striking. Globally, it is common to observe such differences, resulting in rapid IAA-based monetization for hyper-casual game marketers and developers.

It underlines how important the strategy is. It is also important to use elements that increase user retention rates to quickly direct users to new games through cross-promotion or to extend the monetization period, as we see in the rapidly growing hybrid-casual genre.

The full report can be accessed on Adjust’s website.

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