Apex Legends: Resurrection Gameplay Trailer – what’s new in season 18?

Apex legends' new legend Revenant, a skull masked robot holding a scythe

Resurrection, Apex Legends’ new season will reintroduce and rework the iconic character Revenant, giving every player a chance to earn it for free by completing a set of challenges this season.

Coming on August 8 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Resurrection will be adding the Broken Moon to the map pool. Players will also find the Charge Rifle, a reworked weapon that changed from a overpowered long-distance weapon to a more down-to-earth sniper gun.

Here are more details about the upcoming season 18 of Apex Legends:

Who is the new character of Apex Legends season 18?

Revenant, who released in May 2020, is getting a rework with the brand new name “Revenant Reborn”, with a new skin and a new skill set.

According to Evan Funnell, character designer, Revenant is an old character that hasn’t been keeping up with the gameplay. A lot of his patterns have become problematic over time which is now solved with a new look and exciting abilities to emphasize the “monstrous assassin fantasy” he presents.

  • Passive: “Assassin’s Instinct”
    Enemies with low health are highlighted to Revenant players. This passive also gives Revenant faster wall climbing and crouch walk.
  • Tactical: “Shadow Pounce”
    Because Revenant’s new passive somewhat copies his old Silence tactical, Respawn changes his old ability to a new stronger traversal ability which gives Revenant the ability to tap for a short dash or charge up for a huge leap.
  • Ultimate: “Forged Shadows”
    Revenant Reborn summons a “shroud of shadows” to confuse enemies and absorb damage for 25 seconds.
apex legends new update map overview.

What is Apex Legends’ new map for season 18?

Apex Legends doesn’t get a new map for each season, so this August, players are going to get the map Broken Moon on the Mixtape playlist of game modes. Players can play Gun Run and Team Deathmatch on The Core, and Control on Production Yard.

apex legends update new assassin character.

What is the new weapon for Apex Legends season 18?

The Charge Rifle is getting an overhaul which will be available to players this season. This means an end to the Charge Rifle’s hitscan abilities. Now it’s a projectile-based weapon which is affected by bullet drop. “It’s still our most effective long-range sniper,” Canavese said, “but it takes a lot more skill than the hitscan version.”

What’s in Apex Legends season 18’s battle pass?

The Apex Legends Resurrection Battle Pass comes with the usual variety of cosmetics and customizables. It includes legendary skins for Pathfinder and Mad Maggie, a reactive skin for EVA-8, and epic skins for Valkyrie, Caustic, and Octane.

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