Area F2 shuts down after Ubisoft lawsuit

Ubisoft is shut down Area F2.

Area F2 is one of the popular multiplayer games recently on Android and iOS. It also climbed the headlines this week when Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against it. The French company insisted that the game is a “near carbon copy” of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s popular tactical FPS. You can read more about the lawsuit by clicking here. Area F2 announced recently following the lawsuit that it is shutting down to “deliver a better experience to players”. The team behind it didn’t mention the lawsuit at all. However, all fingers are pointing to it as the reason behind the closure.

Area F2 has been deleted from the App Store and Google Play Store

Developers say that the mission of Area F2 is to allow players to experience the fun of Close-Quarters Battle (AKA CQB) on mobile devices. Sure it did get a lot of positive feedback but also many players gave up quickly before they were able to experience the core CQB gameplay. That’s why the team said the following:

We are not willing to accept an experience that we cannot deliver smoothly to as many players as we can. It is our responsibility to solve this issue. Extensive discussion has shown that this is an issue that requires large-scale, in-depth adjustments, perhaps even a complete overhaul of the design to achieve the mission of bringing CQB to as many players as we can on mobile devices. We have therefore made the difficult decision of terminating the operation of Area F2 in its current form to focus on making further improvements.

Area F2
A screenshot from the game.

Basically, the Area F2 team is tweaking the UI and the game to make it more original. In other words, less similar than Rainbow Six Siege. It’s worth mentioning that the game made it into the top 3 of App Store free-to-play game rankings in some regions. Also, players and streamers published more than 300 hundred videos about it.

Will it come back?

That’s something we are not sure about yet. The team points to a comeback at some point in the blog post but nothing is certain yet. We’ll be sure to update you, so keep your eyes peeled.

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