Blizzard decides to bring Warcraft to the mobile platform

With the new Warcraft and Diablo mobile game, Activision aims to be an authority mobile game industry.
blizzard mobile game
The new Warcraft mobile game is among two mobile adaptations of successful titles that Activision Blizzard will launch in 2022.

Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s brand-defining title, will be on mobile devices sometime in 2022. So far, the only Warcraft content accessible on mobile devices was Hearthstone. This move heralds that Blizzard will strengthen its presence in the mobile game industry.

Blizzard said that it is “planning substantial new content for the Warcraft franchise in 2022, including new experiences in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, and getting all-new mobile Warcraft content into players’ hands for the first time,” in its Q4 earnings report.

The mobile adaptation of Warcraft and the upcoming Diablo game (Diablo Immortal), which Blizzard will launch in 2022, shows us that it wants to be among the mobile game giants.  The company hopes to mimic the success of the recently-released Lord of The Rings mobile game.

The announcement that Diablo would come to mobile platforms angered many Diablo fans.

Initially delayed Diablo Immortal’s 2018 announcement was received poorly by the Diablo fanbase. Warcraft mobile game announcement is still fresh, so there is no vocal public opinion about the mobile adaptation of the classic title.

Diablo Immortal, which received negative feedback from the general public and could not be released for three years, seems to have been a lesson to Activision Blizzard. The announcement and launch date are reasonably close, assuming it won’t be delayed.

Blizzard is “still working through the challenges of adapting the touch screen controls to a controller seamlessly.”

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