Cloud Streaming will be the dominant gaming platform by 2025

Perforce surveyed over 300 game developers and found out that the cloud will lead the gaming space.
A video game controller that looks like a cloud

US-based software company Perforce interviewed over 300 industry professionals and arrived at a conclusion that streaming and cloud gaming will be the dominant way of playing video games in the near future.

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The report is called 2022 Game Development Trends & Forecast and covers the trends, challenges, and predictions of the future of game development. The report underlines that the game development industry is “in constant flux” and adds that always evolving and adapting to new technologies.

The report suggests video game consumers will adapt to cloud gaming and according to nearly 40% of the surveyed developers, cloud gaming will become the dominant form of gaming by 2025. Game developers believe with less reliance on hardware, more accessibility, and ever-improving internet connection cloud gaming will reach more and more users.

Mobidictum interviewed Nvidia’s Senior Product Manager Candice Mudrick and talked about the future of GeForce Now and Cloud Gaming.

NFTs will have minimal to no impact on games says 49%

Final Fantasy VII heroe Cloud's action figure which is also an NFT

Nearly half of the game developers are not that keen on NFTs, at least not at this moment. Nearly 50% of the developers said NFTs either will have minimal impact on video games or no impact at all.

Most major video game companies are yet to show any interest in Web3 gaming, but some giants like Square Enix are quite deep into NFTs and even offer Final Fantasy NFTs alongside real-life action figures.

However, NFTs’ cruise through the gaming world isn’t going smoothly, for instance, Tencent had to shut down its NFT marketplace about a year after launching it. So far, new studios created by industry veterans are more open to blockchain-based games with North America leading the way in this specific area.

Two recent major examples that come to mind are Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin’s Liithos and their AAA Web3 shooter Ashfall, and MetaKing Studios’ Blocklords, a medieval NFT and a blockchain-based MMO.

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