Web3 MMO Blocklords invites players to pre-register for early access

The Web3 MMO opens its gates for players and lets them claim their NFT heroes for free during the early access period.
A close up of a Blacklord character and a rider on a battlefield

Once a small studio, now with over 100 employees across more than 20 countries, MetaKing Studios invites gamers to pre-register for their Web3-based MMO Blocklords’ early access. The video game company is yet to announce a carved-in-stone date for when Blocklords will open early access, but players who register early will get their hands on “their exclusive hero for free”

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Each player character in Blocklords will also be an NFT, meaning you’ll get a free NFT character by registering now. How valuable your character will be up to the game’s decentralized economy and up to your actions, at least that’s the ultimate goal MetaKing took upon itself. Per the studio’s very own CEO and Co-founder David Johansson:

“In Blocklords, NFTs are the ultimate value. Because YOU are the NFT. You play the game. You rule your land. You vanquish your foes. You use your skills. You define the value. That’s right. Your value is defined by your actions. And so are your NFTs. It’s 100% defined by your deeds.”

Back in late May 2022, MetaKing Studios raised $15M in seed funding to accelerate the development of Blocklords, and if everything goes well, the players will get a chance to claim the first Legendary Hero later this year. These heroes will be quite important to the game’s lore, will have rich backstories and special traits.

In the official press release, Johansson said:

“At MetaKing Studios, we have dedicated the last three years to building a game that is, first and foremost, fun, and gives players the freedom to play how they want. Blocklords is all about the players. They drive the world. They drive the story. It’s a game where fun conquers all, and we can’t wait to share it with players everywhere.”

Johansson and his team want to create a sophisticated world that’s like Game of Thrones, of course, narrative-wise. The Co-founder believes Blocklords will be a genre-defining medieval strategy game and adds “It’s time to go medieval on blockchain.”

You can pre-register for Blocklords early access here and claim your free hero.

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