Coda’s self-publishing program helps you forge your own path

Golden Cohort will help your team to build an indie hyper-casual studio.
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Coda’s self-publishing program is called Golden Cohort and it aims to help you build your own indie hyper-casual game studio.

Coda Platform, an innovative mobile games publisher releasing chart-topping free-to-play mobile games, has recently announced its self-publishing program called Golden Cohort. In Golden Cohort, eight teams will be selected and the selected teams will be on a training program and keep learning as a community to become independent in their fields. 

As you may guess, the game development process is getting easier as technology keeps getting improved, which directly affects the gaming industry. However, the publishing process is much more difficult and a tough step to take without getting help from the experts. Instead of getting external help, Coda’s self-publishing program aims to help game studios to forge their own paths during the publishing process and keep control of their own games. In short, Golden Cohort will help your team to build an indie hyper-casual studio.

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Golden Cohort offers you great opportunities.

What does Golden Cohort offer?

Coda Platform’s self-publishing program Golden Cohort offers such amazing opportunities to you and your team:

  • Helping you identify the right people to recruit for your team,
  • Providing the tools you need to find, verify, test and fine-tune your games,
  • Providing market information to do your own research,
  • Providing all tools from analytics to automation,
  • Opportunity to run as many tests as you want to get the right data,
  • Training for existing team members.

Along with the great possibilities that Golden Cohort has to offer, Coda Platform reminds you that this program is not a publishing deal. You might even call it something better than that. With the aid Coda Platform gives, them being there when you need it, the tools they give you to improve your games, and the help they give to build your own indie studio is absolutely a great chance to forge your own path in the gaming industry.

All Coda expects from you is a small dividend from your game that you started as part of the program. You will keep most of the profits from your games, and whenever you need financial help, Coda Platform will be there to help you. The games you create will stay as your own product and you will not be dependent on the Coda Platform. It’s up to you to decide what kind of an indie game studio you want to become.

If you decide to stay with Coda and continue using its tools after the program, Coda receives an even smaller percentage of the profits. Also, you only pay if you start a game, and there are no upfront fees or hidden fees.

What are the criteria to join Golden Cohort?

There are 4 basic criteria to join Golden Cohort: 

  • You must have at least one game publishing experience. And it needs to have – or is on track to have – more than five million downloads. This needs to be through an established publisher.
  • You can dedicate one development team. This team needs experience in creating games and we’ll also need a lot of time from your founders.
  • You don’t have any contracts stopping you from self-publishing. So double-check your contracts before you apply.
  • You’ll hire or dedicate one person for growth. This person will be the start of your growth team.
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