eFootball co-op mode is now available for beta testing!

Konami says they will improve the co-op mode throughout the beta test.
efootball cover with famous footballers

As you know, Winning Eleven and PRO Evolution Soccer, which we call PES for short, have a very different place in the eyes of gamers.

The series, which gave unforgettable memories to football fans, from the effects of the height of the players on the game to the difference of the tactics you set, grew over time and entered an unrelenting race with its biggest rival FIFA.

It must be admitted that the last years of the series under the name PRO Evolution Soccer didn’t go as the producers wanted.Despite doing a pretty good job on the pitch, the game, which could not resist the FUT craze off the field, was renamed eFootball with Konami’s strategy change and offered to players for free.

With the v2.6.0 release of eFootball 2023, some new features are now available for beta testing. The following features will be tested for the first time in the test, which will run from June 8-22.

  • Ability to redistribute skill points
  • Number of substitutes increased from 7 to 12
  • Co-Op BETA test Duration: 8/6 – 22/6
  • 3 v 3 Friendly Match feature Only available in ‘Friendly Match’ mode
  • Konami will conduct quality control during the test period
  • The mod is still in BETA testing, so some bugs may occur.
  • Additions and improvements to eFootball™ game modes
  • Testing this feature with the community first in BETA

eFootball’s debut on Steam was met with a lot of negative reviews, but recently there has been a significant improvement in player reviews. The average of nearly 1500 user reviews in the last 30 days is 56%, which is enough to be well above the average for the game.

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