Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys doubles its total revenue in less than two months

The game reaches $40 million in revenue through in-app purchases and crosses 225 million total downloads.
Stumble Guys avatars running away from danger

The Finnish mobile game developer Kitka Games continues to top the download charts while doubling its lifetime revenue in approximately two months. The data comes from Mobilegamer.biz via Appmagic, meaning while it’s fairly reliable it’s not entirely accurate.

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According to this report, the obvious Fall Guys clone is making a little over half a million dollars per day and has since raked in a little shy of $20 million in less than two months. This indicates that Stumble Guys earned over $40 million in its lifetime and reached over 225 million downloads. The latter information matches up with Sensor Tower’s most downloaded mobile games of July 2022 charts, as Stumble Guys takes the number one spot and stands out as the most downloaded mobile game. The game’s rise started in early 2022, but the last mid-spring saw a great rise, and the game dominated the summer period so far, of course, in regards to downloads only.

Revenue-wise the game is doing extremely well, especially for a small mobile studio (the team has only five members after all), however, it’s not nearly enough to put the game’s name on the highest-grossing mobile games list.

The meteoric rise of Stumble Guys is mainly due to Kitka Games investing heavily in influencer marketing across TikTok, YouTube, and other social media channels. Just two months ago Stumble Guys reached the $20 million revenue milestone, and thanks to its marketing strategy paying off, the Finnish game maker doubled its revenue and continues to hit strong.

It will be interesting to see if Stumble Guys can keep its throne in the August 2022 downloads charts.

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