Esports giants fortify Web3 gaming ranks with Guild of Guardians

Legendary brands will create digital collectible embodiments to represent their companies.
A succubus from Guild of Guardians next to Guild of Guardians logo surrounded by eight esports partner logos

Guild of Guardians, an upcoming NFT RPG mobile game, has announced a massive multi-year partnership with some of the most renowned names in esports. The Web3 game has fortified its ranks with such names as Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid.

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These legendary esports companies will join Guild of Guardians to represent their brands as tradable and playable in-game characters and digital collectibles. The characters can be sold, bought, or traded as collectibles on the Immutable X platform.

The game is being developed by Stepico Games, and Immutable Games Studio will act as publisher. The companies have determined three steps in order to integrate esports into Guild of Guardians seamlessly.

First off, playable characters representing the brands will be introduced into the Guild of Guardians world. This development will be followed by providing a global leaderboard system where anyone in the world can join in and compete.

Lastly, Guild of Guardians will add some form of guild and faction system, along with new content and game modes to combine esports and social cooperation. Although the company states that there is no clear decision about these themes yet, they’re just floating about ideas.

The announcement came in the form of a blog post, and the team behind Guild of Guardians shared these sentiments about the partnership:

“This unprecedented partnership will not only expose Guild of Guardians and Web3 to millions of esports enthusiasts, but it will enable fans to support and represent their favorite teams in-game in new and meaningful ways via digital assets. With true digital ownership, fans will be able to create, own, and trade their digital assets while competing against others to earn rewards.”

The total value of these esports legends reaches over $2 billion. With this partnership, Guild of Guardians has definitely become one of the Web3 games that is most worthy of attention.

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