Lightforge Games wins the Game Changer award

The GamesBeat and Lightspeed Venture Partners “Game Changers” awards highlight 25 companies across various categories, including game studios, gaming platforms, interactive technology, and more. 

Lightforge Games‘ acknowledgment in this prestigious list underscores its commitment to innovation and positive transformation within the game industry. Lightforge Games, a studio founded by industry veterans from Epic Games and Activision Blizzard, has been honored with the prestigious “Game Changers” award by GamesBeat and Lightspeed Venture Partners. This annual award acknowledges emerging gaming and interactive tech companies for their innovative contributions.

The recognition comes as Lightforge Games makes strides in reshaping the conventional norms of the game industry. The studio has taken a pioneering approach, implementing an open salary policy, providing unlimited leadership and communication coaching for its leaders, and demonstrating a commitment to fostering a diverse workforce.

CEO Matt Schembari stated:

“Our very first meeting of founders focused on who we wanted to be when we grew up. While many startups share a similar focus on diversity and the inclusion of historically marginalized individuals, our policies and actions have yielded tangible results.”

Currently, Lightforge Games is developing a groundbreaking RPG (Role-Playing Game) within a new genre, the collaborative storytelling RPG. This innovative game blends elements of improvisational comedy and user-generated content, providing players with a tabletop-like gaming experience to craft their fantastical adventures. The studio envisions creating an RPG that engages players and unlocks their creative potential.

The forthcoming RPG aims to bridge connections among players, fostering an environment where creativity and storytelling flourish. Lightforge Games envisions it as an entry point for those unfamiliar with tabletop gaming, offering a safe space for role-playing and enabling otherwise disconnected individuals to find a sense of belonging through the art of storytelling.

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