enables gamers to create AI avatars to participate in esports

LootMogul introduces, a specialized community product designed to foster collaboration and AI development within the sports tech industry.
robotic avatars cometing in esports.

Athletes, fans, brands, and game developers can utilize LootMogul’s open AI architecture to create non-player characters (NPCs) or AI avatars. These avatars can undergo supervised and unsupervised training by their creators and participate in global sports and esports tournaments, generating revenue for all stakeholders.

Raj Rajkotia, CEO of LootMogul, commented:

“With the advent of ChatGPT and growing demand from our Sports Athletes and fans in AI, we have added another core foundational Web3 utility of AI to our platform. Athletes and fans can train their autonomous AI avatars daily or weekly to make them unbeatable in the global sports & esports arenas. We believe this will be a game-changing entertaining feature for the sports community.”

Kuntal Sampat, COO at LootMogul, stated:

“Our engineering team, with the help of core industry-leading AI cloud services, is developing to enhance player experience, adding layers of realism and user-generated gameplay to give fans the ultimate sports gaming experience using real-world brands and athletes. We are proud of releasing this new key value-added feature for the sports community.” provides various offerings, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, all accessible without requiring coding or technical system knowledge. Community governance will be upheld through LootMogul’s open APIs, ensuring the desired behavior of AI for both supervised and unsupervised deep learning processes.

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