PlayerUnknown Productions adds Malin Jonsson to its roster as Studio Manager

The veteran executive will bring over 25 years of international experience gathered from a variety of tech organizations.
A headshot of Malin Jonsson next to the PlayerUnknown Productions logo over a black background

PlayerUnknown Productions has announced the addition of Malin Jonsson to its roster as a Studio Manager. The veteran executive will bring over 25 years of international experience accumulated from a number of tech organizations over the course of her career.

Jonsson has been working in the music industry for the past ten years as CEO and Advisor. Previously, she’s worked in organizations such as Nordic Copyright Bureau, Cybercom Group, Firefly IT, and Northrop Grumman in various executive positions. Jonsson has experience in many roles, including Project Manager, Account Manager, CEO, CTO, and IT Director.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene commented on Jonsson’s addition to the PlayerUnknown Productions team:

“Due to the fact we are exploring several unique development methods, it should come as no surprise that it has taken us a while to find the right person to manage our studio. In Malin, we found a leader that has a deep pool of experience, a wealth of positive energy, and someone who has built teams with similar profiles to ours. With her help, I aim to strengthen our company culture and create a working environment where we can take big creative leaps while always making sure that the team feels safe and secure.”

Malin Jonsson also shared thoughts and feelings about the move:

“I am honored and excited to embark on a new adventure in the game industry by joining PlayerUnknown Productions. I look forward to the opportunity to manage the talented team on its journey to fulfill Brendan Greene’s powerful and rich vision to build a planet-size digital place called Artemis, leveraging the creativity of its players.”

The announcement came as a press release, describing Jonsson as a recognized leader that can manage complex stakeholder communication. This new role will see Jonsson work on building a formidable team that will produce massive projects.

Brendan Greene and PlayerUnknown Productions are gearing up to work on some ambitious titles. In September, Greene marked his next project, a metaverse game named Artemis. The project aims to give players free rein in a virtual world as big as the Earth.

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