Revolving Games raises $13.2 million to make AAA Web3 games

The company will publish a new game on the Polygon network with the investment.
The Revolving Games logo at the top and the team members at the bottom.
The amount of investment received by the company has reached 25 million dollars in the last 2.5 years.

Aiming to create new Web3 experiences for gamers, Revolving Games received an investment of $13.2 million to make AAA games. Founded and managed by three Pakistani brothers, Saad, Ammar, and Shayan Zaeem, the company is supervised by ex-Rockstar Games Co-founder Dan Houser.

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This is not the first investment in Revolving. The company has secured $25 million in the last 2.5 years. These investments came from Pantera Capital, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Parmanens Capital Partners, Kenetic Sarmayacar, Polygon, Houser, and DWeb3 Capital.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Revolving Games CEO Saad Zaeem said the following about the company:

“We were founded in the Web2 era. We were a mobile game company -first-. But we saw that Web3 was where we needed to go and so we did a pivot late last year.”

The company has already earned the trust of many blockchain companies, such as Gala Games, Animoca Brands, Polygon, and Dapper Labs. The company’s mission is to “develop the groundwork and cutting-edge technology to create scalable and fully decentralized gaming experiences.” The team includes many experienced names who have worked at companies such as Amazon, Blizzard, and Kabam.

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Revolving Games, which started its life as a free-to-play mobile game company in 2020, has two studios and a team of 105 people globally. The company also took part in developing the Battlestar Galactica MMO game in the 4X Strategy genre.

With the investment received, a game called Skyborne Legacy will be published on the Polygon network. Ammar Zaeem states in the interview that Skyborne Legacy will be an RPG game inspired by Nintendo games like Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.

Animoca Brands Co-Founder Yat Siu made the following comments about the investment:

“We love the work we’re seeing from Revolving Games and in particular its passion for building a Web3 ecosystem of exciting, unique gaming experiences. We believe Revolving Games has a bright future and we are delighted to lend our support.”

Revolving Games, which has employees from many parts of the world, continues to hire. You can reach the job postings of the company that progresses with the remote working system by clicking here.

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