Rollic climbs the charts again with Car Restoration 3D!

Rollic, the Turkish mobile game publisher who usually focuses on hyper-casual games has released another hit. Last week we reported the great launch of Wheel Smash which reached the top 1 iOS game in USA. Rollic published Tiplay Studio’s latest game, Car Restoration 3D. As the headline reads, Car Restoration 3D is the company’s latest successful mobile game. It climbed the action games chart in the USA App Store and landed in the fifth place!

What is Car Restoration 3D?

It’s a game with a simple concept but with great graphics that fit the genre very well. In Car Restoration 3D, you will be able to buy a rusty wreck, transform it into a nice vehicle and sell it for a better price. You will also clean the body of the car, change tires, do plenty of bodywork. The game features smooth gameplay, plenty of cars, and realistic physics. Furthermore, this is Tiplay Studio’s second game! Their first game was Water Shooty which was also published by Rollic and was a great hit in the American market.


It’s worth mentioning that Car Restoration 3D was developed by completely working from home.  Ahmet Çetinli, Game Manger at Tiplay Studio said the following to Mobidictum about the new achievement:

We are very happy with the success of Car Restoration 3D. Knowing that the whole game is developed by our team remotely makes us even happier! We believe that this game will become an important milestone for us and we look forward to improving Car Restoration 3D based on players’ feedback.

Rollic ‘s success continues

The Turkish publisher has a portfolio full of successful games such as Picker 3D which ranked #1 in the US App Store. Other hits are Pixel Shot 3D, Overloaded! Color Circles 3D, Flipper Dunk, Wood Shop, and more. Back in March, Sensor Tower shared that 77.6 percent of the 2019 top new mobile games by downloads were hyper-casual. If you want to learn more about this popular genre, you can check our detailed yet simple article about it. Click here to download Rollic’s latest hit on the App Store.

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