Sony introduces DualSense Edge, an “ultra-customizable” controller

PlayStation is upping the controller rivalry with customizable controls, changeable stick caps, back buttons, and more.
Sony's new Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller

The video gaming giant Sony revealed a new and customizable wireless controller called DualSense Edge at Gamescom Opening Night Live. The company promoted the new controller “for PlayStation 5” but just like its predecessor, DualSense Edge will work with PC as well, to some extent.

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Sony describes the new controller as “ultra-customizable” and credits where credits are due, DualSense Edge is indeed almost fully customizable. With the new controller, Sony allows players to remap or deactivate specific buttons and fine-tune adjusting stick sensitivity.

The new DualSense Edge also lets you adjust each trigger with options “to tailor travel distance and dead zones,” which will allow you, for instance, to gain a competitive edge in FPS games by reducing the travel distance of the triggers. This will result in faster inputs and may help you win a fight by milliseconds. It may sound like a small advantage, but it’s a big deal for competitive gamers.

How much DualSense Edge will be?

DualSense Edge will also let players save profile settings on it, meaning once you find a sweet spot you can continue experimenting after saving it or have different controller profiles for a variety of titles.

Stick caps and the newly added back buttons are all customizable and changeable, and three different sets of stick caps —standard, high dome, and low dome— will be available. The stick modules themselves are replaceable as well, however, Sony underlines that extra modules aren’t included in the box and will be sold separately.

The new DualSense Edge will arrive with stick caps and back button sets included, and the box also has a USB Type-C cable for charging and tethered connection, if that’s your thing for some reason.

Sony didn’t announce how much PlayStation DualSense Edge will be, nor mentioned anything about the price of extra stick modules for the time being.

In other news, Sony’s PC launches continue to do well as Spider-Man becomes the second biggest launch on Steam for PS and may hit the $300 million goal. The Japanese gaming giant is also exploring the mobile game industry and the silver screen.

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