Stoke Games, founded by VALORANT, League of Legends, and Multiversus vets, raised $5.5 million in funding

Guided by seasoned veterans from League of Legends and Multiversus, the studio is crafting a fresh take on the shooter genre. Their focus lies on strategy and purposeful action, prioritizing thoughtful moves over mere twitch-reflexes.

Stoke Games, a fully remote studio dedicated to crafting lasting multiplayer games that challenge players and foster community, recently announced a successful $5.5 million seed funding round. The investment was led by BITKRAFT Ventures, with participation from Riot Games1Up Ventures, and angel investors. Stoke Games has wisely utilized this funding to conduct playtests within their early core community, and they have ambitious plans for expansion in 2024.

This newly established, 14-person independent studio was founded by industry veterans who have left their mark on major titles such as League of LegendsValorant, Multiversus, and Starcraft 2. Their debut game, described as “shooter-adjacent,” promises competitive player-versus-player battles with innovative twists, all while emphasizing strategic and purposeful action.

Stoke Games co-founder Veigar Bouius said the following,

“Stoke Games is building something that will feel very fresh for players coming from more traditional shooters. It’s a slower-tempo game that emphasizes judgment, game knowledge, and strategy, hence why we’re calling it a strategic shooter. We’ve found that there’s a big group of players who are hungry for exactly this style of game and we’re excited to try to deliver what they’re looking for with a gameplay-first approach.”

Jasper Brand, Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures added,

“The team at Stoke Games deeply understands dormant genre opportunities and executing on IP potential, creating some of the most successful multiplayer games of the last decade. We believe they validated the core tenets of a high-potential vision already early in development, so we’re incredibly excited to support them both as players and investors.”

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