Tencent and Sony acquire over 30% of Elden Ring developer FromSoftware

In terms of equity ownership, Kadokawa Corporation remains the company’s largest shareholder with a stake of 69.66%.
Sony and Tencent logos over Fromsoftware games characters portraits

Over 30% of the Japanese game maker FromSoftware’s shares are collectively acquired by Tencent and Sony. The Chinese giant acquired 16.25% of FromSoftware through its subsidiary Sixjoy Hong Kong, The console maker acquired 14.09% of FromSoftware via Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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FromSoftware is best known for its Dark Souls series, as well as other titles like Demon Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. The parent company of FromSoftware, Kadokawa Corporation still keeps the majority of the stakes with 69.66%, and according to the official press release “From Software aims to actively invest in the development of more powerful in-house game IPs,” via this acquisition.

The Japanese developer said it will use the procured funds to expand its global presence, boost its game development capabilities and become a larger publisher in the ever-growing video games market.

The total amount paid-in capital was announced as 36,399,550,000 yen (approximately $262 million), and the issue price per share is ¥11,450,000 ($82,6). Tencent subsidiary Sixjoy bought 1,703 shares, while Sony’s side got 1,476 shares. The payment is scheduled for September 7, 2022, however, it’s subject to change.

Tencent is no stranger to the acquisition game, and most recently rumors have surfaced that said Tencent is interested in buying the majority stakes of Ubisoft. The Chinese giant also announced a partnership with Logitech, and the duo is working on a handheld cloud gaming console.

In recent years Sony also started showing a strong presence in this space. In fact, just two days ago Sony acquired mobile game maker Savage Game Studios.

Back in July, Sony also acquired esports tournament platform Repeat.gg and closed the purchase of Bungie.

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