Krafton reports a massive increase in net profit and player numbers in Q2 2022

PUBG titles are once again the main force behind Krafton’s continued global growth, but the studio is working on two new games.
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Krafton, the holding company behind PUBG games shared its earning report for the second quarter of 2022. The South Korean video game maker posted $326.5 million in revenue for Q2 2022, down 7.77% year-over-year, however, the company’s net profit was $149.4 million, increased by 37.2% year-over-year. Krafton also highlighted its operating profit as $125 million, down by 6.8% compared to the same period last year.

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The main revenue driver for the video game giant is PUBG Mobile, which ranks second in player earnings among mobile games worldwide. Krafton keeps the mobile version of PUBG alive with regular content updates, live events, and reward programs. They also work hard on localizing the in-game content across specific markets to increase revenue and profits. PUBG Mobile’s main revenue streams are China, USA, and Turkey, per Sensor Tower’s data.

Krafton’s New State Mobile is also doing quite well, according to the report. The game grew through IP collaborations and saw an increase in both average play time per player and play frequency in this quarter.

PUBG: Battlegrounds gains more than 80,000 new players per day

PUBG Battlegrounds nearly a dozen fighters pose with an explosion behind

The original PUBG that’s available on PC and consoles is also doing quite well. The game switched to a new model and become free-to-play, and saw an increase of over 20% in average revenue per user across all PC and consoles. According to Krafton’s financial report for Q2 2022, PUBG: Battlegrounds is acquiring more than 80,000 new players per day. 

The South Korean gaming entity will reveal a new IP from Unknown Worlds (creator of Subnautica games) and will allow players to test this unannounced project at Gamescom 2022. This new IP will be based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, a series of Korean fantasy novels by Lee Yeongdo.

The company will also share a new look at Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol at Gamescom.

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